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Investing in environmental susainability and utility savings.


Investing in environmental sustainability and utility savings.


Investing in environmental sustainability and utility savings. 

Why Choose Solar?


Environmental Sustainability

Alberta has the best solar energy potential in Canada that remains a largely untapped energy resource. By investing in the power of a natural, renewable and sustainable energy source, we can lessen our dependence on non renewable energy and diversify our economy, reduce our carbon footprint and lessen the effects of climate change.


Energy Bill Savings

With the ongoing fluctuation of energy rates and delivery charges, investing in a solar system means saving money on your monthly electricity bill.  The economics for solar have never been better. Current government incentives for solar projects allow solar systems to be paid off in as little as 9 years.

Micro-generation allows Albertans to generate power for their home, business or farm and sell any excess power back to their energy provider allowing you to reduce your environmental impact while making money!   


Maintenance Free

Solar systems contain no moving parts and warranty is included on all solar panels so your solar system is maintenance free! 

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